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Wonderful and Impressive 3D Visualization Rendering of Anti Smog Building in Paris

 Wonderful and Impressive 3D Visualization Rendering of Anti Smog Building in Paris
Its the futuristic building design of Anti Smog building was design by Vincent Cellebout. Anti-Smog is a parasite project set up on the post-industrial urban structure of the Pacific Ceinture and the canal de l’Ourcq in the 19th Parisian district. It is a public equipment dedicated to promote the last innovations on the theme of sustainable development in urban area in terms of housing or transport. Its role to apply all the avant-garde renewable energies so as to fight against the Parisian smog. This smog(smoke+fog) is a bluish to reddish haze. It is the result of the water condensing (the fog) on the suspended dust and the presence of ozone in the troposphere. The smoke is produce in major party by the burning of fossil fuels and composed of sulfurous gas in addition to the dust on which the water stream contained in the fog condensates itself. This photochemical cloud is associated to many detrimental effects for the health such as asthma, infraction, AVC and for the environment a new architecture able to dis-asphyxiate the area in which it is set up!

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