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Fascinating Calabrian Coast in Southern Italy

Our journey along the Tyrrhenian shores of Calabria begins in the famous bathing resort of Tropea and draws to a close in Scilla.
This part of the Italian coastline is famous not only for its historical importance and natural beauty but also for its proximity to the mountains of Aspromonte: indeed a short detour is all it takes to find oneself surrounded by mountain scenery, breathing the clean air of Southern Italy's highest mountain range.

The treasures of Tropea

A favorite holiday destination on the Costa degli DeiTropea is renowned for its beaches and little coves lapped by a crystal clear sea, but also for its delicious red onions.The town stands on the promontory between the bays of Gioia and Sant'Eufemia: this magical position gives Tropea an incredibly varied landscape. Among the town's beaches, Linguata (named after its tongue like shape), Cava, Bacino, and Cantini, are the most popular.

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