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Palau Islands, Micronesia

Travel to Indonesia and the relaxing Bali Zen Resort. Go diving in Kirkiness Norway for giant king crabs, Paralithodes camtschaticus. Basking sharks from Cornwall in England - this month features some fantastic shots of them with their mouth open wide! We have reticulated whiprays, Himantura uarnak, and spotted stingaree, Urolophus gigas. come to Jellyfish Lake, Palau, Micronesia and hold a Mastigias papua etpisonil jellyfish or just view the wonderful moon jellyfish, Aurita aurita. Dive into the Chandelier Dripstone Cave, snorkel in this tropical paradise or fly above to see aerials of the Rock Islands of Palau. Back in the USA we have aerials of San Diego coastline including the Coronado Bridge, Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego River, San Diego harbor, USS Midway Navy aircraft carrier, Hotel del Coronado, Crystal Pier, and the city skyline brightly lit up at night. WE have great coverage of the wind turibines in San Gorgonio Pass near Palm Springs California. You can continue on to Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico - view the marshlands and the birds including sandhill cranes, snow geese. We even have images form Magto Grosso do Sul, Brazil, a nice selection of freshwater fish including characins or piraputangas, Brycon hillarii. We round out this month with rare images of the white marlin, Tetrapturus albidus in Mexico.
The Republic of Palau is inimitable. Most tourists who come here like to spend their time underwater, for Palau is among the world's most spectacular diving and snorkelling destinations. It features coral reefs, blue holes, wartime wrecks, hidden caves and tunnels, more than 60 vertical drop-offs to play with, and an astonishing spectrum of coral, fish, and rare sea creatures. There are also some outright miracles of evolution: giant clams that weigh a quarter of a ton, for example, and a lake teeming with 21 million softly pulsating, stingless jellyfish.

Palau is rated as one of the world's best diving destinations by scuba aficionados. And why not...Palau has unspoiled reefs, caves, and walls with the most amazing array of marine life you can ever imagine.

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