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Aurora Jungle Juice

Aurora Jungle Juice aka the Black light punch is very interesting looking Liquor and i’m quite sure you are wondering a few things like I am. What made them want there liquor to glow in black lights? Who will actually put this under lights so it can glow? Well I can see this being used at Halloween party, maybe even 4th of July or New Years eve. It would be great for parties like that, but on the flipside how does it taste? I’ve haven’t had the pleasure of trying this unique looking adult beverage, but in it’s own little way it’s intriguing and enticing. It draws you in from it’s look alone. I don’t know when, but I most definitely will give it a try. Have you had it? If so leave a comment and tell me does it tastes as it looks.  Below are some suggested chasers and recipe’s 

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21 January 2014 at 23:41

I sure would love to have the recipe for this.

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