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New Detailed Renders & Plans of Apple’s Wheel-Shaped Campus

Campus Maps

Now let’s swing up above for a look at the entire campus. This first overview is a great image for getting to know the area, as it shows a full render of the entire campus and includes detailed labels on every major area. You’ll definitely want to click-to-enlarge this one.
The primary feature is, of course, the circular office building, but there’s much more to the new campus than you may first think. In the top left corner is the huge new Fitness Center, which I assume will be made available to all execs and employees. The two long, black, pill-shaped structures oriented diagonally near the bottom of the image are the massive parking garages. The square buildings lining the lower right side of the campus are a mixture of more parking, including visitor parking, and R&D buildings. (Interesting that R&D is being separated far away from the main office building, no? Might this be where Jony Ive’s new super-secret Industrial Design labs will be?) The white, ball-shaped building to the lower right of the main building is the entrance to the Auditorium.

Apple and the City of Cupertino have published revised schematics, floor plans, and renders of the “mothership,” and they’re packed with tons of amazing new details. Here’s an extensive gallery of all the best stuff.
Think you know what’s in Apple’s new wheel-shaped campus? Think again. There’s a separate auditorium and exhibit space. An outdoor amphitheater. A fitness center building. A special set of buildings dedicated purely to R&D (research and development). And more underground structures than the White House. Let me take you on a guided tour.
Here we have a rather lovely wide-angle view of the main office building.
As we zoom in, we also spin around to a different perspective, looking south. Notice the dark-colored, long, straight buildings in the distance — they’re part of the new Apple campus, too. We’ll come back to them later.
The main thing you’ll notice as we zoom in even closer is the revised rooftop. The original renders featured a much lighter-colored roof. These updated renders show off photovoltaic solar panels that now line the top of the entire building.

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