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The Virtual Keyboard Has Arrived

What’s better than an ultra-thin, compact, wireless keyboard?  One that doesn’t actually exist at all! 

The “Lumiquitous” mouse system compacts your keyboard and mouse into two palm-sized orbs. Lumiquitous allows you to type and navigate your computer without moving your hands from the orbs. The devices project a keyboard onto your desk so that you can type on any surface. If you want to move your cursor, all you have to do is shift one of the orbs.
As a result, you can type in whatever position makes you the most comfortable.
The mouse system works by using motion sensors coupled with a laser projector and optical sensor. The motion sensors detect your finger movements to allow you to type. In order to let you see the keys, the projector displays a keyboard on the surface in front of it. The optical sensor on the bottom of the Lumiquitous senses movement to operate your cursor. 

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